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Let's Talk


Celebration of the “International Women’s Day” – March 2019

Inspecial recognition of women in Mantrac Distribution’s workforce for theirprofessional contributions to its growing success, Mr. Hossam Roshdy – MantracDistribution GM, held a celebration especially for them on the occasion of theInternational Women’s Day (IWD - 8th March).

Mr.Hossam emphasized on the IWD’s theme FY2019, #BalanceforBetter, as it reflectsone of the core components of Mantrac Distribution’s Corporate Culture which isGender Equality in terms of rights, benefits,obligations, and opportunities.

Duringthe celebration, Mr. Hossam thanks Mrs. AzzaMahmoud, Mantrac Egypt Logistics Manager, and Marwa El-Sawwah, Axapta ProjectManager at Mantrac Group for joining our celebration and supporting ourbusiness operations. He also thanks women in Mantrac Distribution’s departmentsfor their continuous efforts and dedication; Mona EL-Menshawy, HalaWahba, Marwa Abd-El-Kader, Amal El-Essawy, Hadeer Zaki, Shaimaa Farag, NouranAli, Marwa Azzam, Fatma Nabil, and Nana Ahmed.

Mrs.Mona El-Menshawy, Sales Admin and Logistics Manager, commented that recognizingwomen’s contribution in the workplace inspires loyalty and enthusiasm asemployees become more engaged in business development.

Thecelebrated women thanked Mr. Hossam for this celebration and all theircolleagues for participating at this International Women’s Day celebration.