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Dell EMC Speed Up Promo

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Sell Dell NBs with Core i7 and Core i5 processors to win!

Subjectsegment: Resellers only.


Dell™& Intel® are excited to announce the launch of Dell™ Intel® Speed-up Promo –Q3 FY20 for your sales team! 

Thisprogram will reward your extremely valuable efforts in selling Selected DellNotebooks powered by Intel® Core i7 and Core™ i5processors.


EachDell Authorized Reseller selling 10 units or more of Selected Dell Notebookspowered by Intel® Core i7 and Core™ i5 processors will becomeeligible for this program’s incentive.


Listof the selected Dell NBs in the campaign scope:AllSNS Latitude and Vostro NBs with Core i5 and Core i7 processors included.


Termsand Conditions

  • Sell out period is between 3rd of August 2019 –  30th of October 2019  
  • Valid only for Sell out of SNS Latitude and Vostro NBs Notebooks with Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors.
  • DELL reserves the right to reject/ withdraw or amend the promotion anytime without prior notice.
  • Incentive is in form of Gift Voucher.


Formore information, please contact your account manager or one of the followingcontacts:


Customer Service


+2 19266

Mahmoud Galal


+2 011 0060 0562

Mohamed Abdou


+2 011 0060 0565

Hassan Selim


+2 011 4088 0988

Marwa Abd El Kader


+2 011 1660 4249