Let's Talk

Let's Talk


Annual Gathering with Dell EMC Customers

  • Hossam Roshdy: our priority is facilitating the work of our customers, offer innovative solutions and technical support at all time.
  • Hossam Roshdy: we are in an age where data is of outmost importance.

Mantrac distribution with the collaboration of its strategicpartner Dell-EMC international held the annual gathering for the company’scustomers who are partners in success, this is to review the latestdevelopments and updates in the digital transformation field and what followsof developments in the information technology and data storage andprotection fields. 

During the gathering a demo was held of the latest mobile equipmentand digital servers, also integrated solutions which comply with the needsof Mantrac Distribution’s customers in the data storage and protectionfield. The latest technologies contributing to the cloud computing fieldwere also reviewed, such technologies offer solutions to the hardest problemsconcerning the reclaiming of information and the advanced methods in thedigital protection field and information security. In his word, engineerHossam Roshdy, general manager of Mantrac Distribution, presented thecompany’s vision in facilitating and broadening the support fields offeredto customers, through before sale technical support and offering innovativesolutions also by establishing a simulation center for the products ofDell-EMC, a maintenance team, and after sale product support to install,operate, and experiment the products.

He also presented the European General Data Protection RegulationGDPR which has been implemented ever since the 25th of May 2018, which isthe referential frame for gathering and protecting the customer’s personaldata, and ensuring it would be used correctly, pointing at the importanceof such frame in an age where data is more important than ever. Onhis part, engineer Tarek Haiba, regional manager of Dell-Emc, praised thestrong collaboration between Mantrac Distribution. and its customers toprovide Dell solutions and technologies, with all its products which cancontribute to the digital transformation adopted by theEgyptian government in all fields, which was strongly evident during theCairo International Exhibition for Information Technology.