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Marking 15 Years of Success with Fortinet

Infifteen years of Partnership, Mantrac Distribution and Fortinet have come avery long way; not in terms of time, but in terms of business growth, marketshare, and channel development.

Asa professional and experienced VAD (Value-Add Distributor) in Egypt since 1997,Mantrac Distribution introduced Fortinet to the market for first time back in2004 and considerably invested in Fortinet realizing its great potential andadd-value to network security although Fortinet’s first product (FortiGate) wasintroduced in 2002. MantracDistribution was the ideal partner enabling Fortinet to penetrate the Egyptianmarket given its technical expertise and financial power as a Mansour Groupcompany.

The Mansour Group is a global, family-owned conglomerate with60,000 employees, a presence in 110 countries and total revenues exceeding $6billion. With over 60 years of experience, Mansour Group have developed aglobal presence across a diverse range of industries and long-term partnerswith multinational companies including General Motors, Caterpillar, McDonaldsand UPS, among others besides IBM, Dell Technologies, Lenovo, Acer, Avaya,QNAP, Trend Micro, Toshiba POS, and Eaton UPSs (Uninterruptable Power System).

Fortinet is now well-recognized as a worldwide provider ofnetwork security appliances and a market leader in unifiedthreat management (UTM). Fortinet(NASDAQ: FTNT) generated $1.80B as Revenue and $2.15BFY 2018. Fortinet is recognized as the #1Unit market share and #2 revenuemarket share (IDC Worldwide Security Appliance Tracker, March 2019, Q4 2018).

In Egypt, Mantrac Distribution successfully introducedFortinet to the market in 2004 through its extended reach to hundreds of B2Bchannels and strong partnerships with top solution providers generating over$120 million revenue along the way. Moreover, our Fortinet team trained andrecruited 180 partners who are now up and running as authorized Fortinetsolution providers.

As our product management team is dominating the market withtheir profound expertise, our renewals team is successfully operating 80% ofFortinet devices and our ATC (Authorized Training Center) is one of the topranked by Fortinet. Our teams are strongly backed-up with our vendor’sexcellent Fortinet team who provide us and our customers with their fullsupport at top-quality standards.

Mantrac Distribution and Fortinet totally gained the market’strust and respect across many years of collaboration, dedication, and thousandsof success stories.