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Supplying FAWRY with IBM Power Systems Solutions

In collaboration with a prestigious ITReseller, we supplied FAWRY with IBM Power Systems Solutions, which boosted itsStorage Performance by 35% and Responsiveness by 200%. Read on to find out how orcheck the attached infographic for a quick review.

FAWRY was seeking an ITinfrastructure solution to accommodate:
  1. Rapid DataGrowthgenerated by Two Million digital financial transactions a day leading todoubled data volumes in only eight months.
  2. 24/7 Availability, Responsivenessand Reconciliation Speed of 90,000 locations, ATMs, and e-bankingchannels.
  3. Data Science Initiatives

Following theircomparative study of available solutions, FAWRY deployed IBM FlashSystemSolutions designed for data at scale. On successfully completing thedeployment, FAWRY immediately realized multiple resolutions:
  • Boosting Storage Performance by 35%:

This isaccomplished through all-flash storage technology which offers data compression(at a ratio of 2.5 to 1) and data deduplication features designed to realizeoptimized utilization of storage resources in terms of data capacity and costof investment.

  • Speeding Up Overnight Reconciliation by200%:

Thecombined performance of flash and Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) end-to-endwith the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore® technology lead todropping Fawry’s reconciliation speed by 50% (from 5 hours to 2½ hours).

  • 24/7 Availability of Data and ITInfrastructure:

IBMFlashSystem’s six 9s (99.9999%) availability ensures seamless customerexperience and supports data science initiatives.

  • Improved Response Time:

Aremarkable improvement in response times were noted by Fawry’s employees who wereimpressed by the system’s performance upon its deployment given a zeromigration down-time.

By deploying IBM PowerSolutions, FAWRY earned invaluable benefits and ROIs that will impact itscompetitive edge and long-term success including: 
  • Seamless Customer Experiences:

IBM FlashSystem’sNVMe-Powered IBM FlashCore Technology and Six 9s Data Availability improvedFAWRY’s customer experience through optimized responsiveness and reliability.As put by Fawry: “More responsive systems translate into more responsiveservices for customers, which lead to higher satisfaction – and loyalty”.

  • Reduced Costs:

All-flashstorage technology enables FAWRY to store more datain the same footprint through its Data Compression (at a ratio of 2.5 to1) and Data Deduplication features.

  • Seamless Migration with Zero Down-Time:

Becausemaintaining 24/7 availability for customers is a must, IBM Power SystemSolutions and Technical Teams enabled FAWRY to have a successful data migrationto the new platform at zero downtime.

  • Data Science Capacity:

With alltheir growing volumes of business data, FAWRY has set up a data science teamfor data mining purposes. IBM Power System Solutions empowers this team torealize great potentials now that they have access to IBM’s embeddedtechnologies to support their initiatives.


You will find more details on Fawry’s case study at //www.ibm.com/case-studies/fawry-systems-hardware-flashsystem-power-systems?dm_i=2Z2I,U186,410HUA,33RKG,1.

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