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Supplying the Supreme Council of Universities with Fortinet Solutions

The EgyptianUniversities Network (EUN) is the nonprofit organization was founded in 1987 toserve as the electronic gateway to knowledge in Egypt. It was established underthe umbrella of the Supreme Council of Universities – Ministry of HigherEducation and State for Scientific Research, to become the leading provider ofinformation and knowledge that the Egyptian society needs by possessing theskills and capabilities essential for providing the highest level ofinfrastructure of information and informatics.

As an integral part ofits purpose, the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) provides high qualitynetworking to deliver high speed internet connectivity between Egyptian universitiesand the international scientific community. Accordingly, EUN was seeking a moreadvanced security solution that delivers top-rated protection and high performanceincluding encrypted traffic.

In collaboration with a prestigious IT Reseller,our Fortinet team designed and demonstrated the customized solution that canprovide the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) with the core network securitycapabilities it needs to deliver its services to the Egyptian and internationalacademic community.

On deploying FortiGate (Next GenerationFirewall - NGFW) and FortiAnalyzer, the EgyptianUniversities Network (EUN)’s successfully realized top-level network securitymeasures, leveled-up its policymanagement features, and dramatically improved its network performance.

Our Fortinetcomprehensive threat protection solution provides the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) with top-level network securitymeasures including:

  • Immediate identification and defense against sophisticated inboundthreats.
  • Detection and counteraction of detrimental network activity.
  • Reduced complexity given FortiGate’s automatedvisibility into applications, users and network and provides security ratingsto adopt security best practices. 
  • Increased monitoring and reporting capabilities for futuredevelopment.
  • In addition, FortiGate NGFW provides automatedvisibility into cloud applications, IoT devices and automatically discovers endto end topology view of the enterprise network.

Moreover, our Fortinetsolution enabled the Egyptian UniversitiesNetwork (EUN) to considerably level-up its policymanagement features in terms of:

  • Prevention of unauthorized access
  • Banning inappropriate online behavior
  • Compliance using pre-built regulation-specific reports
  • The ability to provide unique permissions to individual staffmembers

Furthermore,the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) instantly detected several improvementsin terms of network performance following the deployment of our Fortinetsolution such as:

  • The increased functionality across the network
  • The faster performance at hindered checkpoints
  • The ability to use key reporting features
  • The enhanced usability, effectiveness, and security

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