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Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series - All-Flash Array

Modernize your datacenter and accelerate business with ThinkSystem DM Series All-Flash Array: Guaranteed 3:1 data reduction without sacrificing performance Eliminate planned downtime and disruptions Consolidate your infrastructure by scaling up to 70PB of unified storage Optimize for hybrid cloud – easily implement a service-oriented IT architecture 

DM Series ALL-Flash Software - The ONTAP 9 software bundle includes a set of products that delivers leading data management, storage efficiency, data protection, high performance, and advanced capabilities such as instant cloning, data replication, application-aware backup and recovery, and data retention. For more details, visit the ONTAP datasheet.

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NAS Capacity:

Effective Capacity: up to 281PB / 249.6PiB | Maximum Memory: 3072GB

SAN Capacity:

Effective Capacity: Up to 140.5PB / 124.8PiB | Maximum Memory: 1536GB | Cluster Interconnect: 4x 10GbE

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