Let's Talk

Let's Talk



Mantrac Distribution joined CAIROTECHNOLOGY WEEK as the PLATINUM SPONSOR and Exhibitor for our sponsoringvendors; IBM, EMC, and EATON. The fair took place at HILTON CAIRO HELIOPOLIS,from 17 - 19 JUNE 2019 where Mantrac Distribution occupied 60m2 withan elegant white and blue booth equipped with LCDs and light effects.

During his keynote on the firstday, Hossam Roshdy, General Manager, explained how the role of IT distributorsis changing in the era of digital transformation with a focus on IoT, big data,and AI. He added that there’s a great demand driven by SMBs’ transition to DXand business digitization. Mantrac Distribution, as DX enabler, will guide itspartners through this process and help the realize their maximum potential.

Following, Ahmed El-Kahky,Solutions BU Manager, gave the visitors a brief about Mantrac Distribution resources and weight in the IT market. He also explained how the solutionsbusiness unit is enabling new channels in IBM and EMC digital transformationsolutions. Finally, he shed some lights on the portfolio of IBM, EMC, andEATON.

Another keynote was presented by Anees Muliyattil, Eaton’s Product Manager - Power Quality Solutions - Middle East. He gave a brief about Eaton’s solutions for Infrastructure with Intelligence - Auto adaptive critical power chains.

During the next 2 days, visitors joined the break-out sessions held by Mantrac Distribution’s sponsoring vendors. The sessions were presented by Aly El-Attar, IBM Systems Consultant, Mohamed Mousa, IBM IT Storage Management Consultant, and Mahmoud Hisham, Dell Technologies Senior Systems Engineer.

Find out more on our YouTube Channel at //www.youtube.com/channel/UCC7A83M06qAW0rAKCduR7tA.