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Eco Commerce Milestones

Mantrac Distribution, formerly known as Mantrac ITD, hascome a long way on the journey of Eco-Commerce transformation since itsestablishment in 1997. Preserving and improving the condition of naturalcapital has always been an integral part of Mantrac Distribution’s CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) model where decision-makers are continuouslyinvesting in eco-friendly solutions that integrate sustainabledevelopment practices as well as value creation.

The first milestone Mantrac Distribution successfullyreached in its eco-commerce transformation was dropping its paper consumption forrunning business operations to minimum to help save trees. The adopted approachfor this milestone was automating most of the business operations processes bydeploying an ERP system that integrates all business modules needed to generatea full paperless documentation cycle. Not only did this drop paper consumption by60%, it also saved time, labor, and expenses.

The second milestone set by Mantrac Distibution was todecrease dispatching fuel consumption to counterfeit air pollution. This was quitechallenging because it required delivering orders door-to-door instead ofhaving each customer commuting back and forth the premises and the warehouse.And so, Mantrac Distribution built a centralized warehouse with a dispatchingcenter to deliver all orders door-to-door. This solution dropped commuting andfuel consumption by 40-50% for all their customers.

The latest eco-commerce transformation practice put intoaction by Mantrac Distribution is their big shout out to all their customers toovercome their need for printed invoices by switching to the new electronicinvoices eco-service. Electronic invoices are legal VAT commercial invoicesissued by the ERP system following the terms and regulations of EgyptCommercial Law. These e-invoices are submitted to customers by the Sales Admin.Team in a timely, simple, and secure manner. For more information on how toregister for the electronic invoices eco-service, please go to //www.mantrac-distribution.com/news/electronic-invoices.

This is a call from Mantrac Distribution to all companies inthe commercial sector to be mindful of their everyday choices and to sponsor eco-friendlypractices and solutions on ground and all around because each action will havea positive impact on the environment, the society, and sustainable development.