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Electronic Invoices

THANK YOU for your interest in our New Electronic InvoicesService and supporting our ECO-Commerce Transformation!

Using this service, not only will you receive soft copies ofour legal VAT invoices in a timely, simple, and secure, manner but you willalso have a positive contribution to sustainable business practices and valuecreation.

 By registering to thisservice, your named responsible will receive soft copies of our VAT electronic invoicesby email next business day to any transaction.

To Register to E-invoices Service, please email us your namedcontact details to sfarag@mantracegypt.comwith the subject “Electronic Invoices Service” including the followinginformation for up to two contacts:


Company Name

Contact Name



E-mail Address













THANK YOU for helping “Save a Tree” by switching to “Electronic Invoices” because “Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out”, Robert Collier.