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Finalizing A Distribution Agreement With Huawei

Mantrac Distribution is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Huawei to provide Egypt’s ICT market with Huawei’s global enterprise networking equipment and integrated solutions. Huawei is well-known for its strong track and extensive experience in this market as it constantly integrates into its offerings new cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and network automation. After 30 years of developing and delivering ICT integrated solutions, Huawei is now operating in more than 170 countries and regions and serving more than three billion people around the world.

As a digital transformation (DX) enabler, Mantrac Distribution is determined to supply the ICT market in Egypt with reliable and secure digital transformation products and solutions from top worldwide manufacturers enabling SMBs as well as enterprise customers examine and deploy the innovation opportunities of big data, IoT, AI, and 5G network. With remarkable year-over-year growth in switch, WLAN, enterprise router, and firewall market segments, Huawei has maintained its position as a leading player in the market, and this is why Mantrac Distribution is bringing Huawei’s enterprise networking equipment to the ICT market in Egypt in collaboration with Huawei. The collaboration with Huawei will give Mantrac Distribution the chance to extend its reach to more solution providers with a higher focus on telecom networks.