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Mansour Group has garnered many of the most reliable and highly-regarded international brands for its IT Distribution business in Egypt since 1997. It first began as a subdivision in Mantrac Group distributing IBM products but then continued to grow in expertise and portfolio to become one of the top recognized Value-Added Distributors “VAD” for IBM, Dell Technologies, Lenovo, Acer, Fortinet, Avaya, Huawei, QNAP, Eaton UPS Systems, and Toshiba POS currently known as Mantrac Distribution. 
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Mission & Vision
At Mantrac Distribution, we aim to supply products and solutions that are recognized for excellence in quality and value, seeking Market Leadership in all the markets we serve. We will also provide superior levels of customer service, focusing on specific customer needs, offering customer value propositions and integrated solutions. We aim to avoid dependence on specific businesses, markets and geographical areas and continually seek new profitable growth opportunities. In addition to that, and through a policy of continuous process improvement, efficiency measures and firstclass management practices, we will grow steadfast, profitable businesses which give commensurate returns to the shareholders. We will establish a working environment which encourages creativity, innovation and integrity. We will develop the talents of our employees, so they can achieve their full potential. We will recognize and reward individual and team performance and results. Lastly, we will strive to be good corporate citizens in the markets in which we operate. Our vision at Mantrac Distribution is to build an IT empire and become the benchmark of IT distributers (VAD) in Egypt..
Our Values

    Commitment: Dedication to your colleagues and tasks to overcome challenges and achieve results.

    Integrity: Trust and honesty. Living our values in our work and relationships.

    Excellence: Going above and beyond what is expected to achieve success. 

    Creativity: Applying new ideas and imagination to inspire new attitudes to tasks and processes.

    Teamwork: Collaborating with colleagues, sharing responsibilities and teaks to achieve goals together.

    Innovation: Thinking outside the box to create new ways and methods to complete tasks, achieving expectations. 


Mantrac Distribution has always been one of the most reputable and preferred technology partners for existing and new IT vendors targeting the Egyptian market thanks to its continuous leadership introducing new reputable brands to the market besides its successful value-added distribution policy. Not only do we provide a broad range of top branded products and stock inventory, but we also professionally operate our fully-equipped warehouse(s) by adopting very high standards for IT equipment transport, handling and delivery. Furthermore, we offer several types of credit facilities to our resellers in alignment to each opportunity’s financial requirements, we have dedicated presales teams trained in understanding each product besides our dedicated sales team focused on coverage and customer support, and we run an authorized service center for warranty and professional services. Our business operations are highly structured and automated ensuring quality and reliability of each business process by our dedicated teams in supply-chain management and guaranteeing credibility and accuracy of each transaction through fully operating on our ERP system.