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Technology Consulting Services

As digital disruption touched upon almost every industry, leveraging these new technologies to improve the customer experience yields new opportunities for growth and business continuity. However, the complexity and highly integrated nature of the new systems require deep understanding of ICT vendors’ digital transformation solutions and their deployment to successfully transform your business to accelerate growth, reduce the cost-of-ownership (TCO) and manage risks. 

Mantrac Distribution, a value-added distributor in the Egyptian ICT market for more than 20 years with a proven track record in designing and implementing datacenters of large enterprises, is pleased to announce offering a new service delivering platform-independent Technology Consulting Services for IT infrastructure and network security projects.

Our team is comprised of certified professionals in most of the highly regarded digital transformation solutions for the IT infrastructure. Accordingly, we have successfully designed and implemented a wide range of datacenters and network security projects for many of the largest organizations and governmental institutions in telecom, banking, education, oil and gas, paint and construction, and pharmaceutics including:
- Primary and software-defined storage systems
- Next generation network security
- Campus network solutions 
- Power solutions

Based on your IT strategy, our team will help you develop an agile design to scale as you grow besides identifying the main components and technical specifications to kickstart your digitization. 
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