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Avaya Vantage K155

Modern. Connected. Personalized. Transform the professional desktop experience with the K155—a UC device designed to meet new multi-dimensional needs of businesses of all sizes. Featuring integration capability and advanced functionality, the powerful K155 delivers unique experiences that mesh into your workflow and business processes. The Avaya Vantage K155 is a fast, powerful, Android™ based device engineered for audio and video quality.  

  • Contemporary, Cool Form Factor
  • Video and Collaboration in one-click
  • Easily connected to your organization’s communication cloud or premises-based services
  • Supports NFC, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB connections 
  • Equipped with Avaya communication SDK, you can build your organization work flows and processes into applications combining Avaya communication services
  • Designed for users that prefer a traditional dial-pad & functional keys combined with 5" touch screens, the device is is perfect for making phone calls, advanced telephony features, video conferencing, collaboration, those working from home or office locations, knowledge workers and so much more. 

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Form Factor:

▪ Combination of a mechanical keypad and a glass display, volume buttons on the front; Small footprint—excellent use of desktop space ▪ Optional handset (corded or cordless Bluetooth handset with a magnetic switch hook) ▪ Hinged stand for smooth multi-angle positioning; Desk stand or a wall-mount stand

Display size & Orientation:

5"; Landscape

Display resolution:

720 x 1280 pixel, Capacitive Touch with 24-bits color depth

Touch Screen:



▪ Power over Ethernet EEE 802.3af (Class 3) or 802.3at (Class 4) ▪ Dedicated USB Type-C port for DC power input


▪ 32 GB flash memory ▪ 2 GB of RAM

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