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Extreme 5420 Series Universal Edge Switch Platform

High-performance fixed-form switches for enterprise wiring closet and edge deployments


The 5420 as a universal hardware platform simplifies your deployment experience through powerful cloud management and simplified licensing. It also helps avoid technology lock-in by enabling you to select your desired use case through a simple change of operating software and/or feature set. A 1-year ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot subscription is also included with each 5420 switch.


The 5420 supports a variety of Ethernet Fabric services, including Extreme’s Fabric Connect and IP Fabric. It also supports Fabric Attach for automated connection to either Layer 2 or Layer 3 Fabric Services. Extreme’s Fabric Connect on the 5420 enables the creation of virtualized networks that automate network operations, simplify network provisioning and enhance security, all while reducing the strain on network and IT personnel.


The 5420 also supports high-speed stacking when running ExtremeXOS via its two built-in SFP-DD stacking ports. Up to eight systems can be stacked using qualified SFP+/SFP-DD direct attach cables and optical transceivers.

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High-performance, feature-rich fixed-form switches for enterprise edge deployments


Universal hardware platform providing end-to-end network segmentation and advanced policy with a choice of ExtremeSwitching operating systems

Ethernet Connectivity

Fixed 24 and 48-port models with Gigabit and Multi-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

Built-in Uplink Ports

4 x 1/10Gb SFP+ or 4 x 1/10/25Gb built-in uplink ports

PoE support

30W, 60W and 90W PoE support (IEEE 802.3at/IEEE 802.3bt)


Up to 8-unit 40Gb per unit stacking


MACsec on 10/100/1000 access and uplink ports for secure link encryption*

Fabric Services

Layer 2/Layer 3 Fabric services for secure network segmentation and automation


Non-blocking, wire-speed design

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