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ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine

Extending the Value of ExtremeCloud IQ by Providing a Path to the Cloud and End-to-End Visibility for All Devices

ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine extends the value of ExtremeCloud IQ cloud network management offering. It enables a cloud migration path for third party and non-cloud native networking devices. It also enhances ExtremeCloud IQ’s management capabilities with additional features for Extreme Networks’ Universal Hardware (switches and access points) as well as legacy devices. This allows business leaders to realize their network modernization goals by adopting a cloud-based operational model at their own pace without having to rip and replace their existing infrastructure. 

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Centralized Management

• Real time insights • Access control • Multi-vendor support

Visibility of All Devices

• Cloud native • Non-cloud native • Third-party networking

Flexible Management

• Public + Local (Internet connected mode) • Local (Non-Internet connected – Air Gap mode)

Application Analytics

• Actionable business insights • Application telemetry and DPI driven • Root cause analysis troubleshooting

Network Access Control

• Role-based access security • Secure BYOD, guest access, and loT

Logic (Workflow/Event Management)

• Intuitive task automation/ orchestration • Built-in workflow tools • Scripting language support

Integrated Applications

• ExtremeAnalytics™ • ExtremeControl™ • ExtremeConnect™

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