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ExtremeCloud SD-WAN

Redefine your network performance, management, and efficiency with ExtremeCloud SD-WAN

Implement a secure SD-WAN that cost-effectively and easily connects your users and applications while improving performance and agility – without adding management complexity

  • Better Application Performance
  • Easier Management
  • Complete Visibility
  • Lower Cost of Ownership

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WAN interfaces

Up to 3x GE 10GBase-SR/LR LC

LAN Interfaces

Up to 2x 10GBase-SR/LR LC

Bypass (Fail-to-wire)

Up to 2 interface pairs

Link State Propagation


WAN Interface Operation

Bridged, Routed

Application Performance

Visibility, Control, Dynamic WAN Selection, Cloud Application Database (6000+ Applications)

WAN Optimization

Compression, Deduplication, incl. https

Networking and Routing

IPv4: Static, BGP, BFD, local preferences, OSPF, DHCP Relay, DHCP Client, NAT


Full Internet security (with EdgeSentry), Direct to Internet, Stateful Firewall, Zone Based Firewall, Web Security Gateways


IPsec based, Full-mesh, automated Hub and Spoke topology with manual Spoke-to-Spoke and Hub-to-Hub shortcuts, external VPN Gateway support

High Availability

VRRP for routed mode, proprietary for hybrid and bridge mode

Recommended Users

up to 50,000

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